Product Launch

Many companies we deal with have a need to promote new products both internally to their own organization and externally to their clients, buyers, dealer or press. Professionally we elevate your presentation with simple set and staging. With proper light effects, sound, data backup and professional technical advice.

We use dynamic lighting effects, gobos, scanners etc to give a real feel of movement, change, and exciting environment. It is associated with warm and soft or alive and kicking, sound. We can certainly come up with ideas for that as well.

Conference & seminars

We ensure success of any conferences or seminars by well crafted event planning and implementing & reviewing that’s our strength. Our ability to get into the minutest of the details enables us to secure & handle every aspect right from hospitality to the most advanced technical requirements of any conference or seminar. The ideal customer experience in an event is a comprehensive, yet flexible framework for achieving customer loyalty by learning and understanding your needs. we can tailor the pieces of the framework that are necessary to help you create the bonds of customer loyalty with your customers. We conceptualize event on the basis of products offered by organization to customers and dealers. .

Award Night

Having a beautiful backdrop for an award ceremony represents not only the significance of the event but also the respect the organizer has for the attendees, who took time out to attend, and to the award winners for their achievements

Our team of designers can transform anything or any place to give you a stylish yet affordable award night.

Theme Party

Craftworld themed events are extremely popular and are packed with excitement and guest participation. Some of over themes are:

  • Page 3 Night
  • Mediterranean
  • Bollywood
  • Jungle
  • James Bond
  • Futuristic Nights
  • Roman
  • Arabian Nights
  • Red Night
  • Wedding Planner

    A perfect wedding involves so many things that nothing can be left to chance, not even the unexpected. At White Emotion, we take pride in pinpointing the bride and groom’s wishes and turning them into concrete reality, helping couples conceive, organize and ultimately realize their dream event. Together, we will choose party favors, create the theme for your fateful day, define guest arrangement and much more.

    Your destination wedding planner will take care of all the bureaucratic issues and handle pre-wedding appointments, including the organization of stag night and hen party. Moreover, our solid reputation throughout Italy means the best florists, caterers, designers and stylists will be happy to help you make every detail perfect before, during and after your destination wedding in Italy – or abroad. You just relax and enjoy it. After all, it’s your day!

    Our team of designers can transform anything or any place to give you a stylish yet affordable award night.

    Sports & Adventures

  • Professional choreography
  • Designing Video Shoots for products & Catalogues etc.
  • Back Stage management
  • Makeup Artist
  • Designer Outfits
  • Hair Stylist
  • Accessories & Jewellery
  • Filler Performances
  • Set/Stage
  • Sound/Music
  • Lights & AV Setup

  • Laser Show

    Laser lights is unique medium of exposition. Lights have always played a very prominent role in highlighting products and when we talk about high-end technology, Laser Lights have always been applauded by the spectators. Our Craftworld Events, event management company in Delhi can project Logos, messages and create an astonishing launch of your product, surround it with Laser light and present it in an unforgettable way. Laser show and displays have proven to be successful in making an impact in the spectator’s mind.