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About DSY Hospitality

The hospitality industry has lost its way. All everyone seems to care about anymore is making a quick buck. But what about the people they’re actually supposed to care about - you? When we started DSY Hospitality, we set out with the goal of creating a consistent & reliable offering that gives you what you care about the most - a great room, in the best location, at a surprisingly affordable rate. Over the years we’re super proud to have expanded across India with our growing community of loyal DSY Hospitalitysupporting us with every new hotel opening. Come experience our award winning hotels today.


If you thought the architecture and IT industry were all that could charm you, you are mistaken because Chennai's charm extends beyond these facets. The city is also home to the iconic Marina Beach. The world's longest urban shoreline is a feast for the senses. The city's culinary landscape is equally captivating, offering a spectrum of flavours that range from the aromatic delights of South Indian classics like dosas, idlis, and invigorating filter coffee to the delectable seafood medley inspired by its coastal locale.
Blessed with a temperate climate year-round, the city’s dynamic urban energy and the outstanding cultural values of this enchanting city will leave a captivating memory in your heart. To unlock the city's treasures, don’t forget to check out DSY Hospitality, one of the best hotels near Guindy, Chennai. Tailored to meet the needs of young and young-at-heart travellers DSY Hospitalitytakes its place as the quintessential hotel, embodying the essence of Chennai’s hospitality.

Our values make us loved by our guests


Every great relationship thrives on trust, which is why we obsess on being transparent.


Hassle-free experiences are bliss in a busy world & your hotel stay should be no different.


Think of us as a good friend in a different city, we’re always there whatever you need.


In an industry which loves hidden charges, we like to run in the opposite direction.


No one likes to overspend, which is why we cram as much value into your stay as we can.


Every stay experience should be as great as the last one, otherwise where’s the fun.


Here are some of our team Members


Deepak Yadav

Founder and CEO

Shashi Yadav

Managing Director

Rohit Soni

Head of Business Development

Irfan Khan

Head of Finance


Head of Administration

Ms. Samrin

Marking Manager

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What makes us DSY Hospitality?

With so much to tell & so little time, here are a few key highlights.

Automated Cleanliness

We actually design our hotels to be easier to clean which is probably why people keep saying we’re the cleanest hotel chain in India.

Sleep Tech

Our custom built CloudBeds™ are so comfortable you may just find yourself hitting the alarm snooze a few too many times.

Tech with heart

Like a best friend you can always trust & rely on, we're there for you every step of your stay helping you DSY Hospitalityto your best.

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